Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sky Dancing at Lakenheath Fen Fri 8th April 2011

 In  glorious weather the Marsh Harriers were giving a magnificent display of prenesting courtship with the males climbing to a great height then tumbling and twisting down,  then climbing again showing off and attracting the females to come and join them,  then practicing their food passing to be ready for the real thing.  Like everywhere at the moment the fen was alive with wildlife.   Sedge Warblers were contesting about the reeds and the Rooks were really going at it in the poplars.  Plenty of Butterflys including the Brimstone were on the air.  Stoats were hunting and we think we saw an Otter swim across a stretch of water.  The earliest they have had Golden Orioles is the 26th of april, so we have a few weeks to wait for those beautiful tantalising fowls. I shall return.

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