Friday, 30 December 2011

Friday 30th Dec 2011 Abberton Reservoir

I was going to Dungeness today with my son David to do some photograpy, but the light was going to be pants,  so we took a trip to Abberton res instead.   Weather wasn't great but we managed to see quite a variety of birds.  Short-Eared Owl at 11am,  Fieldfares,  Pair of Bullfinches, with the male coming out into the open,  daren't move!    3 Goosanders,  20 Spotted Redshanks, some Goldeneye,  millions of other Wildfowl including 15 Bewick Swans,     We just missed the Hen Harrier doing his rounds, apparently quite close,  and a Peregrine.    Eventually the rain came and that was it.

D.  Charles McGough, Short-Eared Owl.
Dave McGough,  SEO.

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