Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Monday 6th feb and tuesday 7th feb

Took an hours walk in Harrow Lodge Park monday morning.    Because it was cold and snowy I thought I might see a Kingfisher along the river,  and I saw a Kingfisher.   You have to be a bit lucky owing to the amount of dog walkers up and down.      The Grey Wagtails seem to be a permanant fixture here and always do well.     Like everywhere else at the moment Redwings, Fieldfares,  and other thrushes are numerous.           On Tuesday I went to Southend to catch the first train to the end of the pier on a clear, cold, crisp,  gorgeous morning,  with high hopes.     I put £5 in the parking meter only to find the pier was closed and they wasn't opening until the freezing weather abated.  hmm!    So I came back and watched at least 17 Yellow Hammers feeding at the Valley.

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