Saturday, 31 March 2012

enjoying florida

Having a great time with the family here,    birding comes second although i am seeing stuff everywhere.   The villa community where we are staying is teriffic.   surrounded by ponds and swamps,  although the trouble with America is you cannot just go or stop wherever you like.     Some of the birds iv'e seen and photographed;   Swallowtailed Kite,   Osprey,  vultures,  Loads of hawks,   Little Blue Heron, Little green heron, Tricoloured,  ect;  not a great deal of passerines,  most have gone through early. 
Planning this week to go to Merrit Island reserve,   and on an airboat trip on a lake as well.  Well done with the Eagle shaun.     Where,s me drink; ?  Ahh!

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