Sunday, 9 September 2012

Baillon's Crake Sunday evening 7.25pm

Last chance this week to go for the Crake before going to Derbyshire on tuesday for 3 days.  I got to the center at 6.50pm and was told it was showing,  so, 20 minutes to stumble round to the hide and push my way to a seat just vacated.   It had been seen minutes before I got there but I was hopefull.   But time went on with everyone searching frantically along the margins until Pricille anounced that it would close at 7.30, 10 minutes time,  Hmmm,   heads hung low,  especially those who had been there most of the day.   Then! an hawkeyed  
birder saw it a metre and a half up in the reeds seeming to be making itself comfy for the night.   All hell broke loose!!   Where!  which way!  more information!   Cries went up from every corner,  and I was putting scopes on to it all around me.  There it was , we saw it, in the nick of time,  then the hide started to empty out with smiling faces making their weary way back to the carpark and home,  and to far away places for some of them.  Such is life for the twitcher.

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