Friday, 22 February 2013

Abberton Reservoir wednesday 20th feb

Smew.    Bitterly cold and cloudy day,  but the birds were there.   The causeway seem to be the place where everything was turning up,  we had 5 smew,  2 drakes and 3 redheads,  3 White fronts turned up and like the smew kept their distance.   2 Bean Geese were recorded although we never saw them.    A number of Goosander were about and 3 Bewicks also made an appearance.  A Marsh Harrier hunted around from time to time given away by the large flock of Jackdaws sweeping up and down from the trees.    The reserve round the visiter center is looking really promising with a number of landscaped ponds,  fields, and freshly planted woods.   There are quite a few fences all around the site which are attracting Corn Buntings and I should imagine in a month or so Wheatears and Whinchats.   In the comfortable Center there is a welcoming log burner and through the windows you can see Skylarks and Pipits on the Grass outside.   On the damp ground on the hills we put up a few Snipe and spotted a couple of Stonechats and a Buzzard.  A very pleasing day,  except for the cold.

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