Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hawfinches, Bramblings, Two-Barred Crossbills, Norfolk.

Stayed a week at my daughters in Downham Market and managed a few days out birding in the area.   I only went to two places,  Lynford Arboretum and Santon Downham,  both places were very active.   At the Aboretum the Crossbills are still showing well with a few Two-Barred amongst them,  the bonus was Hawfinches suddenly appeared in the same area, not at the paddock but round the walled garden opposite the larches and shed,  seems that they often feed in that area,  one was feeding on holly berries,  beautiful birds!     The Crossbills while I was there stayed at the tops so photo's were difficult but that didn't matter.   Plenty of other birds here as well.       At Santon Downham the Beech Mast is Terrific this year and I found the Bramblings almost numbered the Chaffies even at this early stage.   Plenty of other birds here also.

Hawfinch, Lynford Aboretum

Same tree, different bird. Juv?

This one was eating the berries

Santon Downham.

Lovely Grub!

Two-Barred Crossbill

Not this one though.

Plenty of these about.

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