Friday, 24 January 2014

Massachusetts, carrying on the baby theme.

Bonnie and I went to Lexington to bond with our latest Grandson Toby born on dec 6th,  great little chap like they all are at that age.  It's always difficult for new parents to cope with the feeding of newborns and try to carry on a normal life,  especially at night,  you have to be lucky,  it doesn't last long though,  as they develope very quickly.  Also congrats to Dave and Susanne Bradnum.       I managed to take a few common bird photo's from and around the complex.   When the weather changed we took a trip to a conservation area near Lexington,  after about half an hour the cold got through to us and we had to hurry back to town and into a starbucks to thaw out,  we nearly came a cropper,  it was 21 degrees below.    There has been a fallout of Snowy Owls from the north along the east coast,  and at Plum Island they had a count of 14 in one day,  although it's only an hours drive,   to think about it on this trip is criminal.

3 generations,   Strange headgear?

Forgot they could smile at 5 weeks.

Snowstorm,  temperatures plummit

American Robin.

Dark-eyed Junco.

White-Throated Sparrow

Northern Cardinal


Downy woodpecker

Glimps of a Northern Flicker

White-Bellied Nuthatch

Black-capped Chickadee

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