Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Unfortunate incident but not a surprise.

I've witnessed 4 incidents of dogs biting other dogs at the Ingrebourne Valley in the last 12 months,     today it was my turn.   I was minding my own business walking back to my car at Squadrons approach this morning when one of the dogs tearing around bit me in the back of the leg,   the owner has got no control there has been problems before with one of his dogs snapping at the back of my heels and all he does is grin,  they take no notice of him.  It would have bit me again had I not faced up to it.  Frankly I'm sick and tired of it  something has to be done otherwise the 80% of  owners that do have some sort of control will be tarred with the same brush.    I had just been told yesterday by a woman that a dog had harrassed her and she complained to the owner who said to her in not a nice way " you're just have to get used to it".  The bloody and bruised bite in the back of my leg will keep me very alert.

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  1. You should report this incident and photograph of your leg bite to the proper authorities. What if that had been a child, it could have been maned for life or even worse.