Wednesday, 22 July 2015

White-Letter Hairstreak at the Valley

Another good year for the White-Letter Hairstreak at the Ingrebourne Valley,  I have counted in one walk along the line of Elms 24 individuals,  and I know that there are more higher up in the unusually tall elms there,  the trees have stayed quite healthy over the years.   the WL Hairstreaks also get in the Oaks around the same area because I see them there as well each year.  I estimate that if I can see 24 Butterfies in that brief time there must be at least double possibly treble that amount which I cannot see or are in the surrounding area which I do not get to.   This year it was the 18th of June that the first ones appeared around the tops of the Elms and it took up to the 20th of july before they started coming down to ground level,  these are mainly females laying eggs lower in the Elms or feeding on the Bramble and thistles.   Yesterday 21st July at around 9.30am there were at least 4 feeding on the Bramble and going on to the grass,   at times I could almost touch them.

Female on Comfrey

Female on Comfrey

Male on Bramble

Female on blade of Grass

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