Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Ingrebourne Valley

It's been a brilliant year so far in the Valley,  since the new visiter centre opened I have spent much more time there helping out and doing things that to be honest I am really enjoying.  I have been more involved with lots of stuff that has always been true to my heart and am in a position where I can influence to a certain degree what happens and what may happen to the wildlife and the habitat in and around the valley.  One thing is sure,  with a lot of upheaval everywhere things are certainly not going to be speedy.   Having put myself in this position I have for the moment lost a few things that I was really enjoying,  it's like I've gone off on a slight tangent,  it may well be a crescent?
There is on the 3 of September an Event to celebrate a year since the opening of the Visiter Centre,  which will include the installing of the memorial to the Airfield and the RAF which will be a seat in the shape of the RAF Roundel,  it will be 4 metres across and made of metal with an inscription,  it is being placed in the fenced area next to the centre with a garden and paths coming from the sides to the Roundel,  some children have already drawn small roundel designs to be incorporated into the monument.
Fry Perch Black bridge

fry Chub Black Bridge

Common Tern, Scrape

Btg,s Scrape

Juv Heron Scrape

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