Sunday, 13 January 2013

Birders Drink

What a great Night out,  well it was for me.   Not that I haven't done this before.  Not a good turnout but the  five that turned up besides me must have thought it was worthwhile.   A bit different from our usual get together especially as we had to cross the river and some of "us" have had to do a days work,  but it was friday,  and friday always starts the weekend,  relax ,   do something different.   Actually I was slightly worried,  because  the city and the eastend were mentioned as to where we might end up drinking for a change,  and when south london came up I thought' all that way, would it be worth it,   well it was,  it took Russ and I,  45 minutes to get from my house to The Tower,  brilliant connections.    We arrived at The Bridge House at 6.50  and Jon, Dave B and Rob turned up in quick succession with Dave Mo a little later and we unintentionally got into sampling the different beers;   Ghost Ship,  Southwold and a number of others,  some of which were £8 a pint,  which we decided to dispatch in half pints,  mainly because we didn't know what they might taste like,  as it was they all tasted good.      We eventually moved  on to The Dean Swift tucked away 2 minutes round the back streets,  again, well supplied with beers,   I can't remember what we drank here,   I know we had some sort of IPA,  There were some strange names,  I don't think we touched "Goose Island".  The barman was very willing to give out more samples.  Under some pressure from a couple of the guys we went back onto pints.   Eventually Jono floated out of the front door and went home.   We stayed until Russell and I had to stumble across the bridge to catch the train home.  What a pleasant evening,   mind you, although we didn't cane it,  it took most of saturday for me to get back to normal.    Can't wait to see where we are going next,  Hmmm.

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  1. Enjoyed it Dave, felt awful all of Saturday, those beers were dynamite!