Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sat 5th jan More Waxwings

I was working hard this morning getting the Christmas lights down,  sorting out more stuff for the charity shops and the dump when Steve Smith pulled up and told me he was filling up with diesel then off to check out 31 Waxwings reported by Phil at Collier Row opposite where he lives.   Ah! said I,  can I join you.   So grabbing the usual gear I promised to be back in one hour,  and we were.      Anyway when we arrived at the said place,  there they were,  31 Waxwings doing their stuff,   back and forewards from a tree to hawthorns on the other side of the road,  great views again.     It always amazes me,  with all the hawberries in the country they stop for a few hawthorn bushes at a busy place with people walking past .

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