Saturday, 25 May 2013

A week in Norfolk Baby sitting

What a chance to do some bird watching in probably the best place in this half of the country.  The (kids) jetted off to the canaries for the first time on their own since the grandchildren came along after we (volunteered) to look after them in Norfolk.  Mind you they are nearly 13 and 9,  and were very well behaved and still at school,  so I did get 3 days out,  the only downfull was the weather,  diabolically cold, overcast.
Wood Warbler


Harvest mouse

Red-Footed Falcon

With Swift

With Hobby


Turtle Doves
    On monday I went to Lakenheath fen to see the Red-Footed Falcon and wasn't disappointed,   what a show!  Brilliant Bird.    On wednesday I spent the day at Holme NOA for the Red-Backed Shrike,  but it never showed,  saw 3 Turtle Doves though.    On thursday had half a day at Sculthorpe moor community Reserve,  great place with plenty of Bullfinches,  then on to Wretham for a very vocal and lonesome Wood Warbler.

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  1. Wow! Wonderful shots of the Red-footed Falco adn Hobby. It certainly was worth baby sitting to get all your lovely photos and birds seen. Margaret