Saturday 26 March 2016

Ullinish Isle of Skye

Could have stayed there,..  another world from their city life,  I think it will suit them.   Scenic views from every window although not a lot of trees,  but if you want trees they are only 15 minutes away at Dunvegan.  With 5 minutes walk to the sea and a mild climate and more friends in 4 months than 12 years in Chelmsford it IS a completely new world.   At the time we stayed in February I was surprised at the lack of small birds,  no flocks of finches no flocks of Starlings and things like that,   but around the feeders that most people have you get some Blue and Great Tits, Robins , Blackbirds, House Sparrows, Dunnocks, Chaffinches, Thrushes, surprisingly plenty of Reed Buntings,   in their wood I always found Woodcock and Roe Deer.    Buzzards seem to be fairly Common,  Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles can be seen anywhere on the Island,  and both species do fly by the house occasionally as I found out.   They are going to let me know what it is like when the migrants return,  Wheatears,  Whinchats, Ring Ouzils, all breed there,  in what capacity?     The road from Ullinish to Portree is hair raising but stunningly beautiful.   There is a lot I could say about this place,  another time.
Cuillins from the window

Near Dunvegan

from the garden



Sea Eagle and Golden Eagle passing
David Junior

Golden eagles David Junior

Sea Eagle D Junior.

Goosander with large Fish



Purple Sandpiper


Whooper Swans Loch Suardal

Blck Guillimot


Golden Eagle over House

Roe Deer in Garden

Tom and Jerry the lawn mowers
With Katrina

Macleods Tables from the garden

off to see the Eagles

Captain Peter and neighbour