Friday 28 October 2011

Ingrebourne Valley Fri 28th Oct. Bittern returns.

I stationed myself on the Abbey Wood side of berwick on the green next to the seat where you can get a pretty good view up and down the pond,  it was 7.50am and still a bit cloudy.  As usual without warning it appeared in the air from the duck feeding end and on past me towards berwick pond road,  the time was 8.10am. Lets hope there are more there or more to come.    Everything was singing this morning,  lots of Cetti's and plenty of Water Rail.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

One hour birding in Norfolk Monday 24th oct to weds 26th oct

Go to norfolk monday come back wednesday morning.  Half term.   So we get tuesday to go out with the grandchildren.   We went to Hunstanton to play ten pin bowling,  birding is not on the agenda this time.    After the bowling finished we had some lunch and they decided to go into the penny arcade, (one of my pet hates).   So I was given leave to go down onto the beach for one hour.    As luck would have it I found my bins and camera in the back of Claires car in the car park,  how strange?    The tide was coming in fast so I didn't have to go too far to see some waders.   There were some of the usual Turnstones turning stones and a couple of Bar-Tailed Godwits prodding around before the sea engulfed everything.    Enjoyable.

Friday 21 October 2011

Abberton Reservoir 18th oct 2011

Corn Buntings.      The Massive works are into an advanced stage at Abberton reservoir in every area but will still go on for some time.   An impressive new visitor center has been built on the high ground with some new walks through the fields of weeds and newly planted hedges to reach it.   This has been done with conservation ofbirds and wildlife in mind, (obviously).   Russ Sherriff and I saw plenty of Skylarks and Meadow Pipits through these fields with four Corn Buntings on the perimeter fence to prove this,(there must have been some Laplands in there somewhere).   The water in the main area is way down while the work is going on,  but this has not stopped the wildfowl and waders coming there.   The only drawback is that they are a bit too far away to view comfortably.   I am sure this will be an even greater place to come when finished.


Kestrel, Me

Kestrel, Russ Sherriff.

Kestrel, Russ Sherriff.

Sunday 16 October 2011

Friday 14th Oct Ingrebourne Valley

3 Snipe and a Green Sandpiper were on the scrape with plenty of teal.  In the small paddock was a large finch flock including Yellowhammers and Reed buntings.  There was also a number of Yellowhammers along the farmers field.  In the warm morning sun I spotted a couple of Adders and a Grass snake taking advantage of this last gleam before they disappear  for the winter.  I met JPL who at 7.30am had seen a Short-Eared Owl quartering the Ingrebourne hill then spiral upwards and out of sight.   I did have photo's from most of the morning but did the silly thing of deleting them before I had downloaded them. 

Elmley Wednesday 12th oct 2011

 Russ Sherriff and I took a trip to Elmley where we saw the usual raptors: 3 Merlin, 2 Peregrine, 6 Marsh Harriers, 2 Buzzards,  and a number of Kestrels. Never saw any Ringtails which are there,  or stop late enough to see any owls.   Some of the scrapes have dried up and there is some work going on in other places , so there is not the usual numbers of waders showing.

Female Bearded Tit,  Dave McGough
Female Bearded Tit, Dave McGough

Merlin,  Russ Sherriff

Merlin Russ Sherriff

Merlin Russ Sherriff
Female Bearded Tit Dave McGough

Thursday 6 October 2011

Dungeness wednesday 5th october.2011

                                          It was an extremly windy and overcast morning, 
                                          and as Russ and I trudged along the top of the
                                          mountainous pebble beach towards the dank
                                          wooden hide I thought we were going to be blown
                                          off the edge.  It felt like an hotel once we got inside
                                          and we were able to see some Sandwich and
                                          Common terns along the beach.  Out at sea through
                                          the telescope we could see many Gannets diving
                                          from a good height.    Back at the reserve we saw
                                          the Pectoral Sandpiper feeding on one of the small
                                          islands out from the hide at Denge.   Not much happening
                                          but we did see a Merlin and a Goosander.
                                                                Pectoral Sandpiper

                                                              Egret with stickleback

                                                              Young Marsh Harrier
                                                                    Female Stonechat

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Norfolk, Late September October heatwave.

Knot at Titchwell

Two Headed Godwit, Titchwell

  4 Little Stint, Titchwell

4Little Stint

Stone Chat with ring,  Salthouse

It's not a Gull,  it's a white Ruff, Cley.  There were about 50 Ruff here.

Ruff,  Cley.

Bearded Tit, Cley.

Juv Marsh Harrier,  Cley.

Ruff, Titchwell.

3 Curlew Sandpipers,  Welney.

10 Crane,  Welney.

Yellow Wagtail, Welney.

Reed Warbler,  Welney.