Friday 31 October 2014

Ingrebourne Scrape and it's Environs friday 31st Oct

Is it summer is it winter?,  what strange weather,  it will be spring before we know it.  Do the birds know whats going on?  they'll only get half way and have to turn back.      Today there were 4 Green Sandpipers very mobil and noisy around the Scrape,  26 Snipe were also out and about,  and again if you can see 26 there must be at least double that amount.   Wildfowl are still building up especially the Teal,   and the Black-Headed Gulls were again very active.  Butterflies and Dragonflies are making the most of this barmy weather as well as the Bees and flies of all types.   Rooks, Crows and Jackdaws were up in the top Paddock which kept a wellcome male Stonechat in the bottom corner feeding like it's been on a journey.  Lovely weather ,  but is it healthy?

Thursday 30 October 2014

Ingrebourne Scrape and around Thursday 30th oct

It was looking very good today with 3 Green Sandpipers mainly on the small slip near the river seen from the seat,  a lone Egyptian Goose was on the back scrape but took off after an hour along the valley.   At least 14 Common Snipe were visible on the front Scrape which could mean there were twice that number and 50 teal were also spread around in the same area,   30 Black-Headed Gulls were feeding among them and catching Sticklebacks, And a few Water Rail were kicking up a din left of the viewing area but could I see them.   The weather is frighteningly mild.

Sorry Shaun

Little Egret Peculiar Poses

Friday 24 October 2014

Ring Ouzils The Chase.

While trespassing on an adjacent Patch I took a few bad photo's commonly known as record shots among the fraternity of the wonderful Ring Ouzils at least 3 that have called in and have been feeding on the Haws around the Slack.

feeding on Haws

Monday 20 October 2014

Red-Backed shrike at Lowestoft

What a great weekend,  Friday to monday at Warners Corton Holiday Village,  and I managed to strike the Shrike and couple of Black Redstarts and a Wheatear near the Ness at Lowestoft.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Bedford and places Massachusetts

2 weeks to bond with our 10 month old Grandson Toby,  so while he was at nursery and they were working we could do what we wanted and we had a car,  but there was just as much going on around their apartment complex I didn't really have to go far,  there were swamps and woods all around.   The migration was still slightly going on and the weather was fair.  Saw lots more than these below including Bald Eagles.

Northern Flicker ( complex swamp)

Bluebird (complex Swamp)

They are making a comback

Drumlin Farm (Concord)

American Goldfinch (Drumlin Farm)

Monarch (Verrill Farm)

White-Breasted Nuthatch

Ipswich River State Park

Apartment Complex Swampy Pond

Monarch (Verrill Farm)

Clouded Yellow (Sulphur) (D Farm)

Eider (Georges Island)

American Wigeon (Plum Island)

Great Egret (Plum Island)

Pintail (Plum Island)

Greater Yellowlegs (Plum Island)

Semi-Palmated Sandpiper (Plum Island)

Toby and Michelle trying out the new hiking Carrier,  (Ipswich river State Park

It works.

Andrew and Nuthatch (IRSP)

Semi-Palmated Plover (Plum Island)

Northern Harrier (PI)

Red-Winged Blackbird ( Complex)

Great Northern Diver (Cresent Beach Revere)

Red-Breasted Nuthatch (Deer Island)

Yellow Rumped Warbler (Complex Swamp)

Toby finding Grass.