Tuesday 29 October 2013

what storm?

I'm in Norfolk for a week,  and nothing happened on the storm front,  I hope I don't sound disappointed,  i'm not,  but it just didn't happen.   We had a heavy downfall about 11am monday and a little wind  but that was it,  however,  I did go to Lynford Aboretum in the afternoon and there was half a tree down near the carpark.   Anyway, I stayed there watching the Larches behind the volunteers shed and sure enough the Crossbills turned up,  about 20 of them,  and there was some barred amongst them.   Other birds I saw there were,  Siskins, the usual Tits including Marsh and Coal,  and lots of noise from the Nuthatches.   On to Santon Downham for an hour to notice that there were a number of Bramblings and Redwings feeding around.    Can't do much today as Bonnie and Claire have gone for one of their last christmas presents,  a day at a Spa  (not the food shop) in Kings Lynn,  while I look after the kids, (it's Quieter).    But I shall be out tomorrow,  (somewhere).

Saturday 26 October 2013

Cudmore Grove

A morning at Cudmore Grove,  always an animated place as it was this time,  weather was a bit unpredictable and strangely warm.  There were loads of wildfowl and some waders on the fields and scrapes,  nice to watch.   On the sea  the tide was well out so the big flocks were way off,  we could see large flocks of Avocets,  Golden Plover and other waders in the distance but we couldn't hang around.   Shall return!

Monday 14 October 2013

Parrot Crossbills

Wasn't a bright day but better than was forcast and Gunners park didn't disappoint.  Russ and I arrived at 8.30am and caught them straight away.  Wonderful day!  We also had Ring Ouzel, Yellow-Browed Warbler,  Yellow Wags and everything else that turned up.   Many birders we knew turned up also,

Friday 4 October 2013

Southend pier and West Canvey marsh

The end of the pier show didn't perform today,  very quiet,  except for a couple of Little Gulls, a lone Sandwich Tern and the usual bevy of Meds.  A few Swallows went through from time to time and a pair of Porpoises did show very well with the incoming tide,   a seal had a meal, showing a dab hand at catching Dabs.      West Canvey marsh on the other hand did have a large flock of wildfowl,  Teal, Widgeon, and Shoveler,   with an assortment of waders scattered round the edge,  12 Black-Tailed Godwits, 7 Snipe, 5 Green Sandpipers and here again a few Swallows.

Med Gull

Little Gull


Black- Tailed Godwit