Sunday 31 August 2014

Sunday 31st august Ingrebourne Valley Spotted Fly day

It seems that the birds of the day are Spotted Flycatchers which have been reported in big numbers from almost all the local patches,  there were at least 8 seen at the Valley today and the Chase and Wanstead have also reported big numbers.   Other birds in the Valley were 2 Whinchats, 2 Wheatears, 23 Black-Tailed Godwits, Green Sandpiper, Snipe, Kingfisher,  Lots of Warblers and Hirondelles.   I'm sure there are some Redstarts there somewhere.

8 or more of these Spotted flycatchers


2 Wheatears

2 Whinchats

Saturday 30 August 2014

Saturday 30th august Ingrebourne Valley

The water levels on the scrape are receding quicker than I thought and with the hot weather expected next week and a steady flow of migrants we could have some good surprises in store.  No one saw the Whinchats today,  but 2 Spotted Flycatchers were very active near the iron bridge all day,  a Yellow Wagtail was with the Cattle next to the viewing area this morning,  up to 5 Black-Tailed Godwits were still about the back scrape as were a number of Snipe,  the Kingfishers are seen daily fishing in and around the Scrape,  plenty of Warblers are moving through and the Hobby was again seen today,  lots of wildfowl are beginning to arrive with 1 or 2 Garganey being picked out,  keep a lookout for Redstarts,  the ploughed field next to the glades has a number of wagtails in it, worth a look,  while the top paddock with more horses this year looks good and could produce more migrants,  Wheatears and Yellow Wags have been seen there this last week.
Spotted Flycatcher at the iron bridge

expert at what it does

Friday 29 August 2014

Whinchats on the Hill Friday 29th august 8.30am

2 whinchats located on the sheltered northern end of the Ingrebourne hill,  later Dave Mo found another one with them.   Bonnetts Wood hill looks good for Whinchats but we had given it the eye yesterday and only picked up a large flock of Finches mainly Goldies.  Although whinchats stand up Bonnetts wood is such a vast area very thick and undulating you could easily miss one.    I may stay away from the Valley this weekend as they have a 24 hour run going on,  I wonder how many of you guys are taking part?     No sign of the BTGs today,  they may return with the heatwave next week.

Picks Blackberry

puts it into a holding place 

eats it

one satisfied customer

Kingfisher fishing in the overflow

Lesser Whitethroat

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Ingrebourne Scrape 26th August 4pm to 4.45pm Inondation

 The Inondation has happened again and the rock has disappeared into the depths.     As I approached the scrape I could see loads of Wildfowl all on and around it,.. then all of a sudden the Farmer fires his gun twice and the air was full of ducks, although they looked mainly Mallard there were quite a few smaller ones as well,  I will never know if there was anything unusual amongst them as they never returned while I was there.   I did locate about 60 Lapwings resting on the marsh a little way along from the play area and with them were 3 Black-Tailed Godwits with their heads tucked in.   The Hobby was doing a round and 4 Swifts and plenty of Hirondelles were swooping the trees and water,  goodness knows how long it's going to take to subside again.

Monday 25 August 2014

Monday 25th august Ingrebourne Scrape 35 minutes Duration

Obviously things had changed since yesterday owing to the inclement weather.   At 4.45pm equipped with umbrella I sloshed to the scrape to find 10 BTGs?  still there feeding,  with the Avocet at the other end doing the same.   I thought that people would think I was mad to go there in this (wettish) Weather  only to find later that Shaun had been there earlier in the afternoon,  and had the juv Garganey and a Barn Owl out,  you have to do these things now and then.

Sunday 24 August 2014

Another great day in the Valley Sunday 24th august

Dave Mo brings the Black-Tailed Godwit count up to an unbelievable 61,  Shaun spots a Spotted Flycatcher at the viewpoint,  Steve Smith nails a Hobby by the farmers field I see it again late afternoon at the scrape,  2 Yellow Wagtails plus 2 Wheatears top paddock,  Avocet still mingling with the BTGs,  Sparrowhawk, Kestrel doing their rounds,  Blackcaps,  both Whitethroats all around, Chiffies Willies Cetti's making appearances,  wonderfull!

Friday 22 August 2014

Friday 22nd August 2014 Ingrebourne and Chase

The scrape was emptied by a couple of dogs although the Avo stayed put,  so we trespassed on someone elses patch to catch up with the BTGs.  Also there was a Green Sandpiper and a Common.   Russ got some brilliant shots.
These are my efforts

Thursday 21 August 2014

Thursday 21st August 2014 Ingrebourne Valley

One  Avocet and at least 46 Black-Tailed Godwits are still at the scrape and as long as we don't get too much rain this could develop.   Other birds seen around the Valley today;  Sparrowhawk,  Hobby over the scrape, plenty of Warblers,  Russ had a Wheatear top paddock and a Spotted Flycatcher Iron bridge.    The BTGs are going between the Ingrebourne scrape and the Chase Slack,  It's been a good year so far and could get better,  keep your eyes open.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Wednesday 20th August 2014

The numbers of the Black-Tailed Godwits have been increasing all day today.  At around 4.45pm Dick and I were looking at16 on the valley scrape,  at the same time Vince was looking at 28 on the Slack.  This evening the Tally at the Valley went up to 30 recorded by Shaun,  I returned at 8.10pm to find 52 Btgs and 1 Avocet,  What next!?

Monday 18 August 2014

Visit From Black-Tailed Godwits

The Ingrebourne Valley Scrape had circa 20 BTG's sunday 17th aout spotted by Shaun Harvey,  they arrived via The Dagenham Chase Slack.   This morning Monday there were still at least 15 noted by Dave Cook at 7.30am.  Les Harrison also saw them.   By the time I arrived there was just 5 left feeding and at 9.15am looking startled they made a bolt for it south westward,  maybe Rainham?

Hey! nice place this  en'it"

 "plenty of food here"

 "Just a minute! whats that hooked beak bird"

 " Lets high tail it out of here"

 "Bye Dave"

Thursday 14 August 2014

Good Day at the Fabulous Faversham Oare Marshes

Not a bad day weather wise in a very changeable week.   Russ and I arrived at 11.30pm and parked up at the slipway carpark,  straight away we spotted a pair of Wheatears on the fence adjacent,  good start,  then we made our way round the east flood.   Water was high but as usual there were masses of waders and other birds even though high tide was 4 hours away.     As we passed the old boat hulk in the cut a Peregrine suddenly appeared and tried to pick off a bird that was resting there on the skeletal remains,  it made a number of attempts without success and moved away.  Moving on round to the road viewing area we could see the vast amount of waders and gulls spread over the sizable scrape;   Countless  Black-Tailed Godwits, many with coulour rings,  Ruff, Dunlin, Golden Plover, Green Plover, a few Knot, circa 150 Avocet.    Our aim was to get the later afternoon sun which is more favourable here and with the added bonus today of having the high tide at the same time we could hardly wait.      So after having lunch back at the car we plonked ourselves back at the favourite viewing place for the afternoon and had a few pleasant surprises.    We didn't see any Curlew Sandpipers or Stints which have been seen here recently but a Little tern turned up with a flock of Dunlin and settled among them on the small muddy projections a little way from where we were.   Although there were about 5 instances where either the Peregrine or a Sparrowhawk swooped across the scrape and put everything up they all eventually came back and even a Wood Sandpiper that we had been watching earlier on the other side suddenly appeared right in front of us on a small protrusion of mud and gave us an unusual performance,  great day and shall return soon.

Wood Sandpiper

Juv Peregrine (pest)

Lonesome Little Tern


Ruff and BTG


Black-Tailed Godwit