Friday 8 July 2011

A morning at the beautiful Belfairs woods

A glorious morning and another facinating place to be.  Plenty of free parking a cafe and toilets.  The woods are separated by the fairways of the golfcorse which it seems anyone can walk around as well,  there are no fences.  I was actually told by a groundsman when I enquired where the nature reserve was,  to walk down the fairway and cross the brook, as the golfers would be some way behind.  (seems to work).   It soon became clear a lot of care is being taken here to preserve the natural state of the woods and its occupants.  I was guided to the area where the White Admiral hangs out and sure enough soon got used to the way it moves about the wood.   There were plenty of other butterflies in this area of the woods also,  Ringlets, skippers, Red admirals, ect;     The White Admiral has a sort of bat like flight and the white wing stripes stands out
quite bright as it flits around the trees and bushes.   I eventually found one coming back to the same place where I could watch it and get a few shots with my camera,  I didn't realise at the time that it had wragged wings , but even like that it was a beautiful creature. 

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