Thursday 23 August 2012

Ingrebourne to Rainham marshes and back, pushbike.

Three o'clock this afternoon decided to cycle through the Valley to RSPB,  weather was perfect.   Howard had already seen Honey Buzzard,  Common Buzzards  and Black Kite over Earlier.   I sat with Phil,  Pat and Mark watching the skies and we saw a Buzzard, some Hobbies a Peregrine and a number of snipe and Green sandpipers flying around  and a couple of Whimbrel resting in the scrape.     On the way back through      Hornchurch CP I clocked my first Spotted Flycatcher on it's return Migration feeding frantically on;   probably flies.    PS  if anyone finds a red cycle helmet and a small cycle computer near the scrape HCP, I would be gratefull.

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