Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cold and snowy wednesday at Belhus and Rainham

Popped into Belhus for an hour with Russ on a very cold morning,  but the birds were there.   Some Siskins and Redpolls in the alders around the carpark and Redwings and Fieldfares popping out wherever you went.      Plenty of Tits and other passerines hunting for food and a lone Woodcock flew over.  Blackbirds were feeding on the haws and a single Song Thrush was searching the snowy grass for slugs,  and all the time in the background you could hear the ever increasing calls of   RING-TAILED PARAKEETS.

Migrant Song Thrush?

"Found one"


Those Mesmerising Godwits.


another very hardy Red Bunting.

The stunning blase of the Goldfinch

Fieldfare in the afternoon winter sun.

Rainham produced an increasing amount of wildfowl,  nice to see them and waders such as Black-Tailed godwits starting to invade the purfleet scrape.   The Stonechats around the site are very accommadating at the moment, it must be the cold.   This has also brought in flocks of all the northern thrushes and one Brambling which was on the feeders.   How long before those Waxwings arrive in force.

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