Sunday, 17 March 2013

Waxwings Swan song? Sunday 17th march.

I was leading a health walk at Dagnam Park this morning when I got a call from Russ Sherriff to say he had seen Waxwings at the Harvester and he couldn't stop,  so at 12.15 when I had finished I past the harvester and there they were.   They must have smelt the cooking because I don't know how they find those few berries hiding away in a dark corner but they did.   41 Waxwings feeding ravenously on the last berries on their way back to Scandanavia.   The main Cotoneaster bush is in Waynes car wash and if they are working tomorrow the birds might not be there,  but they must feed and there are berries left.   Wonderfull birds,  when will we see them here again?

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  1. Well that was a good fine. Beautiful little birds. I had them here in Northern Ireland this year. I think there are still a few left but not around my area. Have added you to a circle. You may like to look at my site.