Tuesday, 29 October 2013

what storm?

I'm in Norfolk for a week,  and nothing happened on the storm front,  I hope I don't sound disappointed,  i'm not,  but it just didn't happen.   We had a heavy downfall about 11am monday and a little wind  but that was it,  however,  I did go to Lynford Aboretum in the afternoon and there was half a tree down near the carpark.   Anyway, I stayed there watching the Larches behind the volunteers shed and sure enough the Crossbills turned up,  about 20 of them,  and there was some barred amongst them.   Other birds I saw there were,  Siskins, the usual Tits including Marsh and Coal,  and lots of noise from the Nuthatches.   On to Santon Downham for an hour to notice that there were a number of Bramblings and Redwings feeding around.    Can't do much today as Bonnie and Claire have gone for one of their last christmas presents,  a day at a Spa  (not the food shop) in Kings Lynn,  while I look after the kids, (it's Quieter).    But I shall be out tomorrow,  (somewhere).

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