Thursday 21 November 2013

Tuesday 19th nov

What a beautifull cold sunny morning this was,  Our plan on dark dreary monday was to go to Southend pier on tuesday and get ( flight photo's) of Med Gulls amd any bonus that might turn up,  the forcast was splended,  best day of the week.   We had not been to the pier for some time so we were looking foreward to some serious just the right bright day photography,  so we parked just down the road at 9.30 and put our £5 worth of parking fee in the machine and marched briskly and happily to the entrance of the pier,  to be greeted with  (  The Pier is closed Mondays and Tuesdays from 4th of November to March 2014) AAHHHHHH!   The only consolation was we wern't the only ones.    Enthusiasm eventually came back and we went off to Westcliff and found a mob of Splended Sanderlings,  counted 60 of the busy birds,  one or two ringed and some with oil on them.   Then off to Two tree Island with high tide approaching and always a good display there,  but strangely there were no Black-Tailed Godwits.


Grey Plover

Brent goose


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  1. Hi. Well it is wonderful that you saw a juv. Brent as this year has not been a good breeding year for them.