Friday 29 August 2014

Whinchats on the Hill Friday 29th august 8.30am

2 whinchats located on the sheltered northern end of the Ingrebourne hill,  later Dave Mo found another one with them.   Bonnetts Wood hill looks good for Whinchats but we had given it the eye yesterday and only picked up a large flock of Finches mainly Goldies.  Although whinchats stand up Bonnetts wood is such a vast area very thick and undulating you could easily miss one.    I may stay away from the Valley this weekend as they have a 24 hour run going on,  I wonder how many of you guys are taking part?     No sign of the BTGs today,  they may return with the heatwave next week.

Picks Blackberry

puts it into a holding place 

eats it

one satisfied customer

Kingfisher fishing in the overflow

Lesser Whitethroat

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