Friday 21 January 2011

Rise Park Waxwings, 20th and 21st jan 2011

   Yesterday while crossing the A12 at Petits Road on our way to collier row, I saw some birds fly into the large tree on the north side,  although only silhouettes the action was familiar. " They look like Waxwings"  I called out.  I had to stop, much to the annoyance of my other passengers as I was taking a walking group in 20 minutes.  They were Waxwings, 25 of them at a quick count then back in the car and off.   They were still there 3 hours later as we passed on the way back. They were flying back and forwards to some Hawthorn on the side of the A12.  I took my passengers home then returned with tackle, only to see them disappearing down the road not to return,  it was 2.15.   I returned today at halfpast eight and there was 19 there and managed to get some shots after the sun came out.  Magnificent birds.

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