Saturday, 15 January 2011

Waxwings eating at Sainsburys on english apples sat 15.01.11

Everytime we do our shopping at Sainsburys Iv'e been watching some of the likely places in the carpark where some of this current winters Waxwing influx may turn up.(never thinking that would happen really)  It's not a very large carpark but I had noticed some berry bushes and trees near the shops entrance,  also an apple tree with a number of apples still clinging gingerly to the flimsy branches.  I had seen nothing until today when returning at 12 o'clock from a visit to our son in chelmsford we stopped at Sainsburys for a loaf for lunch, and blow me down! there in those trees and on those apples were 32 waxwings.  If it wasn't for the Slaty Backed Gull we would have had 700 birders there.  Anyway the 7 that did turn up had a feast of Waxwing behaviour, including a colour rung individual that will soon be identified.  The pair of Mistle Thrushes did their upmost to keep the Waxwings away from (Their berries).

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