Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ingrebourne Valley 1st june 2011

The lack of rain is affecting everything.  Even Orchids need water.   There are still a number of sites I didn't check, but the ones that I did I found nothing.   The only one I found was this healthy plant which I knew would probably be OK,  because this patch is sheltered from full sun and the ground does not lose as much moisture.   Last year was also dry at this time and the orchids I saw in the open areas were weak and very dried up which is the most likely cause of them not being here this year.  It is still a bit early and if we did get rain these plants have a knack of suddenly appearing,  says I hopefully.    As for butterflies, or anything come to that matter,  I always look for them too early.   You won't see Purple Hairstreaks until at least the middle of june and probably not until the end and White-letter will not make an appearance much before july.

Bee Orchid

Meadow Brown

Female Common Blue


Green Hairstreak

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