Sunday 25 September 2011

End of the line. see previous.

I couldn't quite make it.


Beautiful countryside.

Oldest cog railway.

Catbird,  appartment.

Chipmunk, appartment.

House finches, Spectacle Island, Harbor Islands.

Goldfinch, Spectacle Island.

Blue Jay,  Appartment.

Robin,  Appartment.

Laughing Gull?  Plymouth,  Mass.


Boston, from the Islands boat.

Black Swallowtail,  Spectacle Island, Harbor Islands.

Sulphor, Spectacle Island.

Painted Lady, Spectacle Island.

Pearl Cresent.? Spectacle Island.

Buckeye, Spectacle Island.

Skipper,  Spectacle Island.

Morning Dove,  Spectacle Island.

Bobolink,?  Spectacle Island.


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  2. Hi Dave; We met over at Rainham & The Valley a couple of months ago. Would it be possible to get hold of a copy of one of the Chipmonk shots? My youngest daughter loves them and collects everything including different photos; it would add to her collection; You can get hold of my email via here i believe or from my blog at

    Thank you Lee