Thursday 15 September 2011


Least Sandpiper,  Halibut Point,  Mass.       Despite the hurricane a week before we arrived, I did find some birds and wildlife,  although there did seem to be a lot more about the second week.   As I have said before I am usually on holiday with family so I have to grab the opportunity when I can,  but they did take me to some of the best reserves in the area,  actually fantastic reserves.   As soon as we arrived at Andrew and Michelles Appartment I spotted a family of Cedar Waxwings in the trees opposite,   where they stayed for about four days,  I wondered if they bred there.   The whole area around the appartment is like a reserve,  wonderful place.   Any one who knows New England knows that you can't see the houses for the trees.   The whole two weeks was practically blue skies and 80 degees,  and over that time we went to some great places and I managed to see some fantastic birds.   We even got to the top of the highest mountain in the northern Appalachians,  Mt Washington(by train).   So here are some of my photo's
Cedar Waxwings around the appartment

Juv Cedar Waxwings

Osprey fishing in a lake on our way out.

Coopers Hawk,  Georges Island, Boston Harbor.

Red-Tailed Hawk,  over Appartment.

Cedar waxwing

American Goldfinch, opposite appartment

Piping Plover, Plum Island,  Mass.

Turkey Vultures, Plum Island, Mass.

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