Friday 21 March 2014

Ingrebourne Valley am and pm 21st march

Quite a good day today,  Wheatears were inevitable and today was the day,   the lead arrived,   just one beautifull female,   darting about looking alert,   stretching,  watching,  flitting 50 yards,  that flash of white then down again,     wonderfull. 10.10 am.   Then....... 4pm to 5 pm,  3 Green Sandpipers were feeding in the back Scrape where the water had gone down and the mud was showing,  if it doesn't rain much from now on and the water drops slowly who knows what may turn up.   Other birds;   2 pair Lapwings performing,  pair Little Egrets,  pair Bullfinches,  7 Chiffchaff,   5 Cetti's Warbler,  Teal,  Gadwall, Tufted, Shoveler,  mallard,  Dabchick,  Pochard.

3 greens

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