Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tuesday 4th march 2014 Dungeness

A sunny and warmish day at glorious Dunge,   and  very eventfull it was.    It started with photographing the Black Redstart at the Power station,  only to be spotted by the security cameras and then questioned by armed police,  second time in a couple of years.   It's strange when you get probably hundreds of birders down there every week taking photos and looking through bins and telescopes,   we go once in a blue moon and look suspicous.    "Whats a Black Redstart"? They said,   Took our names and addresses, ages,  looked through our photos.     It was understandable though.       We did hope for an early Wheatear but that didn't materialise,   there were plenty of other birds around the area to keep us happy though,   pair of Black-Throated Divers,  couple of Great-White Egrets, Chiffchaff,  pair of Marsh Harriers, female Red-Crested Pochard,  6 redhead Smews,   Goldeneyes,  the usual Tree sparrows,  The Glossy ibis was feeding with an Emu,  No,!   we hadn't been drinking.   lots of other stuff besides these, a good day.



Black Redstart

Performing Common Gulls

Rung Meadow Pipit



Marsh Harrier

Black Redstart "beware"

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