Friday 31 October 2014

Ingrebourne Scrape and it's Environs friday 31st Oct

Is it summer is it winter?,  what strange weather,  it will be spring before we know it.  Do the birds know whats going on?  they'll only get half way and have to turn back.      Today there were 4 Green Sandpipers very mobil and noisy around the Scrape,  26 Snipe were also out and about,  and again if you can see 26 there must be at least double that amount.   Wildfowl are still building up especially the Teal,   and the Black-Headed Gulls were again very active.  Butterflies and Dragonflies are making the most of this barmy weather as well as the Bees and flies of all types.   Rooks, Crows and Jackdaws were up in the top Paddock which kept a wellcome male Stonechat in the bottom corner feeding like it's been on a journey.  Lovely weather ,  but is it healthy?

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