Wednesday 17 February 2016

Ingrebourne Valley

The pair of Stonechats have really made themselves at home here,   coming right up to the Centre windows,  even feeding near the tables outside,...   could they really?       Peregrine was seen again near the Scrape this time by Pat,   and it seems the (Tawny Owl) is still making appearances.    20 to 30 Snipe are still moving around,  and still feeding from time to time in front of the Visiter centre on the marsh.   Saw a 100+ Fieldfares the other evening by the back Scrape.   The feeders are attracting plenty of tits with Chaffinches and Goldfinches also trying to get in on the act.   A Black-Headed Gull with colour ring 2DDX and metal ring Number EY45511 was on the Scrape and had been rung by the North Thames Gull Group,  ring Date 22-2-14 Rainham Tip Greater London,  Sighted 10-2-16 Ingrebourne Valley, Interval 1 year 353 days.

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