Thursday 4 February 2016

News around the Ingrebourne

Bullfinches are being seen along and around the Valley at the moment more than normal and showing quite well,  as seen on Tom Bells video from the viewing area.   Even from the new visiter centre they are being seen and heard.   Lots of Common Snipe around the Scrape and along the marsh ,    there are a number which can be viewed from the windows of the centre.   The pair of Stonechats are still enjoying the mild conditions and finding plenty of insects to keep them happy,  hope they stay.   A group of Redpolls are being spotted at different places in the area.   About 5 heron nests seem to be occupied,  and there have been reports that young have been seen in one of the nests for the last couple of weeks.    A Bittern remains in the usual location.    The Envronement Agency have taken data from the river showing chemicals and polutants and where they may be coming from and work will take place to stop these from getting into the river.  Another 2 contraptions have been fitted along the river to take some tests,  one being at the Black bridge,  everything takes too long as we know but actually things are moving.    More Feeders have been put up at the visiter centre and are being well used.  Other things that are on the move is work on the carpark extention and a dozen or so fruit trees will be planted next to the centre,  play area side,  Hmm.

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